A co-working space brings together different workers, business owners/entrepreneurs and freelancers in a shared work environment. Networking on the other-hand is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

Co-working spaces are basically used by a community of entrepreneurs, small business and freelancers. Therefore, there are unlimited networking opportunities between people who are trying to build businesses.

Co-working spaces often encourage inter-community relationships where mere chats can quickly turn into work exchanges or budding partnership. Being in the space of other workers and entrepreneurs, it gives a level of exposure and insight that would have taken a longer duration.

Being an entrepreneur is accompanied with constant learning and high level of acceleration towards unlimited success which you can learn and achieve when starting up a new business. Having access to other people to communicate your day-to-day challenges with is vital to your growth. Through conversations with other entrepreneurs within the co-working place about issues being faced at certain points (like sales and hiring strategies), hearing from their experiences and how they tackled similar issues would help to grow your company into a profitable and rapidly-growing venture.

Renting a place or co-working at Agos Executive Business Lounge gives you access to all these experiences and benefits other companies have and even more.

These services include;

  • Fully-furnished, IT-enabled workspace that can grow with your business – for one person or an entire team.
  • Desk space in a sociable shared office space
  • Informal drop-in meeting spaces (business lounge) with tea and coffee.
  • Reliable secure internet access, access to a printer, scanner and photocopier.

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