7 Economic Benefits of Co-working Spaces In Lagos Nigeria

7 Economic Benefits of Co-working Spaces In Lagos Nigeria

Conference Room in Lagos Nigeria

As the world becomes progressively connected and technology provide staffs with more flexibility, new ways of working are becoming popular. The digital age and the global economic meltdown have resulted in many people working for themselves, launching start-ups, freelancing or turning into contractors, changing the outlook of workspaces, and choices are no longer restricted to home offices or the native cafe with free Wi-Fi.

Co-working has distinct economic benefits;

  1. You don’t have to sign a long lease and pay unnecessary rent. Co-working spaces generally operate on a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go basis.
  2. There’s no need to spend a fortune on office furniture and attractive upmarket décor. It’s all done for you. Simply bring your laptop. Co-working spaces have technology all sorted out. You don’t have to pay for expensive infrastructure as it’s all been connected already. There is high-speed Internet set up already.
  3. Got an important meeting or an international video conference? High-end co-working spaces have meeting rooms fully equipped with the latest telecoms, video conferencing facilities and projectors. All you have to do is book the room.
  4. You don’t pay utility costs. No rates, electricity, water bills. It’s all included in the package you choose to sign up for.
  5. You can choose to work in a collective open-plan space or if you need some privacy, a private office equipped with laptop connections. Some co-working spaces even offer fully serviced private offices.
  6. No need to pay for a receptionist, that’s all sorted out already. Co-working spaces, such as Agos Executive Business Lounge, have a dedicated front desk personnel and a range of other business services available such as mail and courier handling, for example.
  7. Should you have business guests you want to impress, there’s no need to spend a fortune on restaurants. Agos Executive Business Lounge, for example, has an in-house café (Café Neo) with great coffee and light meals on hand.


Agos Executive Business Lounge offers Independent Professionals – Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Innovators cost-effective office spaces with the benefits of flexible minimal set-up and exit costs. Our services include:

  • Co-working Space in Lagos Nigeria
  • Virtual Office Address in Lagos Nigeria
  • Shared Offices in Lagos Nigeria
  • Private Offices in Lagos Nigeria
  • Executive Business Lounge in Lagos Nigeria
  • Conference Room in Lagos Nigeria
  • Multimedia Studio in Lagos Nigeria
  • Dedicated Café

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